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Church on Napier

Status: In Progress 

Builder: Martin Builders

Architects: James Stockwell—church
                         Kerstin Thompson Architects—new buildings and rear church hall
Development Manager: Zest Developments

Project Manger: Fontic Group                 



The Church on Napier Project that Taranto Windows + Doors worked on for Martin Builders is something special. Not only an eye catching feature, the glass floor is designed to transmit light coming from the glass roof panels, to the level of the building below!


The floor panels supplied by Landson Glass, are made of 48.56mm thick, heat soaked & triple laminated clear glass. With a sacrificial piece on top which can be replaced at any time if a scratch occurs.


Each panel has notches to allow for fitting around the old church building's existing trusses. Which made it a fairly tricky install, though you wouldn't know it, as it has been absolutely nailed by our glazing team! 

Source: Martin Builders 

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