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As our population continues to expand it is inevitable that we will be living and working closer to each other. With that close proximity comes an increase in noise, most of the time it's not welcome and attempts to reduce the noise pollution from the local surrounds become a greater focus with new builds.  

From the sometimes not so soft sound-waves from the neighbour's TV to the vehicle traffic present in both commercial and residential areas, there is unwanted noise all around us.  

The majority of Australian buildings use ordinary clear 4mm or thinner glass, but the use of ordinary glass provides a particularly easy path for noise transmission. As will any gaps around the window frame or throughout the construction, so check the entry and exit points for sound carefully to increase the noise reduction effects. 

To help make your space the sanctuary you envisioned during the design phase, we used high quality products such as Viridian VLam Hush™ from well respected producers like Viridian Glass to help reduce noise entering your space.

VLam Hush™ is single glazed acoustic performance glass that provides a 6Db improvement compared to typical ordinary glass found in home windows. This is like picking your house up and moving it roughly double the distance from the noise source to achieve equivalent reduction in sound.

A product such as VLam Hush™ offers the equivalent noise control benefits of far thicker laminated and non-laminated glass products, as a result you can utilise thinner and therefore lighter glass that still offers great noise performance. 

Viridian ComfortHush™ is also a great option for reducing the noise entering your space. A laminate that uses a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, ComfortHush™ provides enhanced sound insulation performance. So you can have thinner and lighter glass that still offers great noise performance.

Click on the links below for product information and further details, or please contact us for assistance. We're human and here to help any way that we can! Thank you to the good people at Viridian Glass for the info. 

SOURCE: Viridian Glass

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