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The U-MAX™ story goes far beyond just that of energy efficiency. U-MAX™ raises the bar on quality, aesthetics and performance.


Even beyond the benefits it can provide for builders faced with meeting the standards of Section J, U-MAX™ will assist in the delivery of energy performance throughout the life of the building. Smart property investors have been developing and purchasing premium properties that deliver greater return on investment over time. Property owners can command higher rents in buildings with lower running costs, leading to higher property values.

U-MAX™ is a new element in the smart building matrix.


Much of thermal break technology stems primarily from two main schools of thought, although there are more.

For decades, Americans utilised pour and debridge (P&D) polyurethane systems to prevent through frame energy loss in commercial projects. Polyurethane technology is tried and tested.It provides exceptional results and is highly suitable to the larger frame designs used in commercial applications. In Europe, the system of choice utilises a solid Polyamide strip crimped between two or more extrusions to provide the thermal break. This methodology provides great results and is especially suitable for smaller, more intricate extrusions.

U-MAX™, the first thermal-break system designed for Australian Conditions. For EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems, Aluminium Industries adopted world’s best practise to combine both Polyurethane and Polyamide strip technology and provides suites designed specifically to suit Australian conditions, current building standards, and preference for large windows. Our in-house designers worked alongside two of the world’s leading experts in thermal barrier technology. Dr. Claudio Gambogi (APA consulting, Verona, Italy) and Mr J.D. Williams (Aluminium Fronts, USA) collaborated with the Ai Research & Development team to design an Australian focused range of systems.

However, the EDGE R&D team isn’t limited our ranges to just two thermal break technologies. Development continues to incorporate and adapt new technologies that offer benefits to the Australian building industry. Sunshade mullions and trickle ventilation methodology also augment and enhance our system designs.

U-MAX™ is an Australian product that maintains a synergy with current conventional products in use across Australia.

For more details please download the product brochure pdf file. Click the icon to the left or contact us for additional info.

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