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Acacia Avenue Preschool

Builder: Dura Constructions



The City of Kingston, together with the Acacia Ave Preschool committee of management and teachers, have been working on a plan to redevelop the Acacia Avenue Preschool (the Preschool) on the Southern Rd Reserve. The new development will be constructed beside the existing Preschool facility on the Acacia Avenue frontage and will provide additional kindergarten places to meet the current and future early education needs of young children in the Mentone area.

What will the new facility include?

The redeveloped Preschool will provide a best practice purpose built early childhood education facility that is engaging, will promote creativity, and will nurture development and inspire learning.  The new development has been designed to complement the surrounding parklands and neighborhood, and will include:

  • Two contemporary indoor learning spaces;

  • Multipurpose space and sibling playground;

  • Large natural outdoor learning environment; and

  • Environmental Sustainable Design features.

When will it happen?

Construction is expected to commence in March 2018 and is anticipated that the new facility will be fully open during early 2019

How much will it cost?

The redevelopment of the Preschool is expected to cost $2.5 mil with the Victorian State Government contributing $650,000 and Council contributing $1,850,000 toward the project.

What will happen to the existing Preschool facility?

The Preschool will stay open and continue to operate uninterrupted from the existing facility throughout the entire construction phase.  Once completed, the existing committee of management and teachers will relocate to the new facility and continue to operate the Preschool.

At this point the existing Preschool facility will be demolished and the new outdoor learning environment will be constructed on some of the land and the rest will be returned to open public space.

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Photos: CSP Architectural 

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