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For most commercial buildings and a growing number of residential properties, privacy is a strong consideration in the type of glass chosen. Office buildings, hotels and the like ensure the privacy and comfort of occupants with the use of decorative or translucent glazing. 

Product options such as Viridian ComfortPlus™ Translucent, offer a range of obscured glass ideal for when you want to let in light – but stay out of sight. Say goodbye to pulling down the blinds and living in the dark, and enjoy the combination of insulation and solar control without compromising on privacy.

The translucent interlayer obscures the glass, addressing privacy concerns in spaces while letting in sunlight.

Such products offer improved insulation and greater solar control, maintaining the ideal temperature in your space while maximising energy efficiency. ComfortPlus™ Translucent is laminated glass, reducing UV radiation by 99% and increasing the life of your furniture.

According to the Cancer Council of Australia, the need for window tinting on car and building glass should be considered with regard to the risks to the occupants. The UV radiation through the untinted windows of buildings could potentially pose health risks to people spending extended periods of time close to windows that receive direct sun or have a severe photosensitive skin disorder. 

We have an option to suit any requirement, for further details please contact us. Thank you to the good people at Viridian Glass and the Cancer Council of Australia for assisting with the info. 

SOURCE: Viridian Glass

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