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950 Sliding Window

The AGS 950 Sliding Window system has been developed as a complimentary product to the AGS 900 Sliding Door, both providing excellent structural and acoustic performance. Engineered to deliver high strength and performance, the AGS 950 Sliding Window has been tested to cyclonic requirements and is capable of large sash sizes and numerous configurations.

Incorporating heavy duty roller hardware, twin point locking and integrated insect screening, the AGS 950 Sliding Window is ideally suited to applications where clean, modern aesthetics, high quality functionality and a range of performance options are demanded.

As would be expected with a window system of this calibre, double glazing is also available for improved thermal comfort and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra high performance design

  • Extended product limitations for large configurations

  • Tested to cyclonic requirements

  • High performance roller and locking hardware

  • Slider over slider and slide-slide configurations

  • Compatible with a range of AGS suites


Product Specs

Product Specs

Image Gallery

Image Gallery
capral 950 sliding window
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