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Euro Tilt & Turn Windows

When functionality counts - Providing both ventilation and ease of access for cleaning, European Tilt & Turn technology provides an ideal solution for a common problem.

Opening to the inside, the Euro Tilt & Turn hinges from the bottom for ventilation and from the side (like an internal casement) for cleaning access. Access for cleaning can be locked to prevent unauthorised opening which is ideal in a multi-story apartment or hotel complex.

The Euro's multi-point locking provides excellent structural performance allowing its use in high wind cyclonic areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Single & Double Glazed Options (up to 27mm)

  • Standard and high performance configurations using sub frame system

  • European designed components and hardware to improve functionality and adjustability

  • Multiple and adjustable locking points

  • Option for screening system integrated into frame


Product Specs

Product Specs

Compatible With:

  • Euro Awning/Casement

  • 400 Narrowline

  • 419 Flushline

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Image Gallery

Image Gallery
capral euro tilt and turn window 2
capral euro tilt and turn window 1
capral euro tilt and turn windows
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